You Truly DO “Get What You Paid For”

We recently received a call from a client asking us to cancel her photo booth agreement for her quinceañera party happening on the same month. She told us she had found a “cheaper” photo booth. We explained to her that the deposit she had paid was not refundable as we had secured her date and unable to fill that date with another client.

She understood and went with the other company. Shortly later she called us back and decided to hire us for her best friend’s wedding! We asked her what happened with the photo booth company she hired for her quinceañera earlier. She went on the explain how she was very disappointed and told us about the horrifying things that happened at her event. She was very kind and even shared a picture of the horrible photo booth that showed up at her daughter’s most important day! She said, “I couldn’t believe their tent was made out of plastic! The pictures were so blurry and their props were all over the place.”

Here’s a photo she provided of the unsightly booth:

Moral: When you’re challenged with the task of selecting a photo booth, do your research. For example with a free-standing booth, ask the size of their touchscreen. Most of our competitors use tiny 11 inch “iPad” screens, of which are unable to show the vivid details of your photos – not to mention the difficultly your guests will have seeing and operating it. At Hollywood style photo booths, we powerfully express full, high-resolution renditions of your guests’ photos on our beautiful 21 inch touch screen display.

See what else make us different.

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A Bride’s Worst Nightmare…
The Beginning of Hollywood Style Photobooths

As a professional wedding photographer, Claudia Rubio witnessed a devastated bride whose night had been totally ruined by the photo booth company she hired six month before her wedding.

The booth arrived late and once it was finally set up (in front of the guests), it was wrinkled and color-faded, destroying the elegance of the venue’s colorful Mardi Gras theme.

Seeing the bride was devastated, Claudia’s skills, background and creativity kicked in. She located a neutral background for the backdrop, collected some of the guests colorful masks, some empty Champagne glasses, flower decorations from the venue, and even some of the fancy bridesmaid’s shoes.

She then assembled it all into an improvised photo booth and took fun photos of the guests. Although not a professional booth, her idea salvaged the bride’s night who desired fun photo booth images of her guests from her special day.

After that night, Claudia began researching photo booths and was shocked by the many negative reviews she found, she decided to create a Photo booth “Experience…”

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