It’s YOUR Wedding Day, Not Theirs!

It is your wedding day! The day you have dream of since you were a little girl!

Family members, friends, wedding planners, mother in-law and mom often want to express their opinion! Your wedding day is to be a day where the world revolves around you! Keep in mind, it’s your wedding day and nobody should attempt to change your dream to theirs! Want a red dress with a purple bouquet? Get it! It’s your wedding day!

Planning a wedding (even if you have the help of a professional wedding planner) can be very stressful. You must think of yourself, your guests, your wedding party, the vendors, expenses, and more.

However, planning your wedding can be fun and special!  Your wedding is not just about the day you get married; it begins the day he proposes and you said YES! To keep your joy and sanity, seek an experienced professional who will help you with the planning process.

Make several appointments with different wedding planners. You might uncover a pushy wedding planner attempting to talk you out of every decision you had planned since you were a teenager.  Keep searching until you find a professional who will connect to your heart!

Professional wedding planners have often “preferred” vendors. Don’t blindly accept their recommendations. Do your own homework on the vendors. See what others have to say about their products and service.

Do not hire them just because your wedding planner told you to do so! 

Talk to them. Check out their reviews. Ask them how long have they been in business, then close your eyes and see if that “heart to heart connection” is there or not. If so, hire them! If not, keep searching! This entire process should be fun, not stressful!

If your own dear momma is shaking her head and frowning each time you tell her you want something outside of her traditional way, sweetly talk to her and let her know it’s what you want and have always dream of.

Often family members or friends can become opinionated on your wedding day planning and you feel awful at the thought of having to “put them in their place.” You worry that feelings will get hurt or even worse – an argument will ensue – all at a time that’s supposed to be the happiest time of your life!

Talk to them. Let them know in a sweet way that this has been your dream since you were a little girl. Tell them you understand their point. Let them know you’re aware of the possibly yow ill make mistakes, but that making your own mistakes is part of the process. Tell them you are open to their opinion, however they need to understand that ultimately you are the one deciding on how you desire your dream day!

Some people just love to argue. If you encounter someone who negatively interferes with your planning, you must keep away from them as much as possible while you carry out your dream plans. Yes, it’s heart-wrenching, but this is your wedding day – not theirs. Treat yourself right and enjoy each second of the process! Most important of all… when hiring a professional, remember to always seek for the best reviews and  seek that “heart-to-heart” connection!

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A Bride’s Worst Nightmare…
The Beginning of Hollywood Style Photobooths

As a professional wedding photographer, Claudia Rubio witnessed a devastated bride whose night had been totally ruined by the photo booth company she hired six month before her wedding.

The booth arrived late and once it was finally set up (in front of the guests), it was wrinkled and color-faded, destroying the elegance of the venue’s colorful Mardi Gras theme.

Seeing the bride was devastated, Claudia’s skills, background and creativity kicked in. She located a neutral background for the backdrop, collected some of the guests colorful masks, some empty Champagne glasses, flower decorations from the venue, and even some of the fancy bridesmaid’s shoes.

She then assembled it all into an improvised photo booth and took fun photos of the guests. Although not a professional booth, her idea salvaged the bride’s night who desired fun photo booth images of her guests from her special day.

After that night, Claudia began researching photo booths and was shocked by the many negative reviews she found, she decided to create a Photo booth “Experience…”

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