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Have you ever looked at a picture from years ago and had a smile come to your face? It wasn’t because it was just a good picture, it was because there was an emotional attachment to the memory depicted in the photo.

The photo booth trend is hot for a reason… People are skipping the selfies and capturing life-long memories with a rented photo booth!

Your guests will have a fun activity for your reception – plus you’ll have even more awesome photos for your album. These are hilarious pics unlike those provided by your professional photographer. Everyone loves a photo booth!

Great Entertainment and a Party Favor that will be Cherished!

Let me ask you a question… What do you do with wedding party favors after the reception? What happens to it when you get back home?  

According to a survey done by one of the most respected wedding publications, The Knot, 70% of the participants said they would “put it away” or discard it.

This known, why spend on impersonal party favors when a photo booth can offer lifetime memories – many times residing on refrigerator doors for years to come! Nobody throws away a great fun picture of themselves from a special day like yours! 

At Hollywood Style Photobooths, our long-lasting photo strips are a powerful wedding party favors. And, unlike many photo booth companies that limit the number of guest photos, we will make sure each one of your guests receive a copy from each session to take home without any extra hidden fees!  

Awesome isn’t it?

From our dedicated team of professional photographers, state of the art equipment, our online reservation and agreement system, you will be assured a hassle-free process to bring a “Hollywood Style” event to your reception! 

We truly understand the importance of communication throughout your wedding planning. We pride ourselves in promptly returning calls and emails to insure the planning process is stress-free and flawless.

Your friends and family will remember the best moments of your life! With Hollywood Style Photobooths, the unforgettable memories of your wedding will be captured and last forever! (Unlike many photo booth companies, we use 100 year archival quality paper and water-resilient ink). 

Our designers will work with you to make the best design for your photo strips with your own personal wedding message and/or logo! Available sizes are 2×6, 4×6, 6×8 or 5×7.

You will also receive a digital copy of all the photos.

To make your wedding even more special, we also offer an optional elegant scrapbook, filled with the hilarious photos, loving wishes and good advice! These are modern-day versions of yesterday’s time-worn “Guest Books” as most just read the written messages once and place it into storage. 

After working with brides and grooms every day, we are ready to make YOUR special day one to be remembered!

Have a question about our services? We care! We invite you to contact us to discuss how our photo booths can be a fun addition to your event! Drop us an email, or call us at 602.488.9792. We’re here to help!

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Instant, High-Resolution Water-Resilient Photos

Our high-speed printers will have your prized photos available in 8 to 10 seconds! Many of our competitors use slow ink-jet printers that smear when exposed to moisture. Not ours; they’re water-resilient and printed on 100 year archival-quality paper. Optional 4″ x 6″ prints are available too!

Photos Customized for Your Event

Every time your guests look at their photos, they’ll see and remember the fun they had at your wedding reception! Forget the generic photo strips from the competition. Yours are customized with the date and your special event’s name… whatever you desire!

Professional High-Quality Fun Props

We don’t use cheap, flimsy cardboard props like the other guys. Our props are of the highest quality and sanitized before every event. Take a look at our photos and SEE the difference. We go beyond industry standards with our prop selection.

Large, High-Resolution Touch Screen Displays

You don’t want your guests to squint to see their photo previews. Unlike our competitors (who use tiny “iPad” screens) our large, bright, 21″ touch-screen interface makes it easy for your guests to see what their photos will look like before they are taken!

Professional High-Speed Cameras & Vivid Lighting

You won’t get grainy photos like those “webcam booths” with low-quality flash, red-eye lighting. Our booths use state-of-the-art, high-resolution DSLR mega-pixel cameras with color-correct halogen lighting that’ll capture every minute of fun!

Unlimited Photos for ALL Your Guests!

Some photo booth companies limit copies to only 2 per session, Not us! If 10 people are in the photo, they ALL get a copy! And they’re all printed within seconds of the photo shoot! Their photostrip is actually an instant “party favor” – a reminder of the fun your guests enjoyed at your event!

Social Media Sharing

Your four hour rental also includes our Social Sharing Station, where your guests can immediately post their photos, branded with your event, on their social media network! Your event will quickly become a viral “talk factor” on Facebook, Instagram Twitter and Snap Chat!

Professional Adult On-Site Attendant

Your booth rental includes a knowledgeable, helpful and friendly adult on-site attendant, in professional attire, who will assist your guests with props and photos. We make the photo booth experience one to be remembered!

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FREE Set-Up and Take-Down

Many of our competitors consider set-up and take-down as part of your booth rental time. We don’t. We arrive and set up before your event so you’ll get your full package hours. Our highly visual Hollywood Style setup is complete with brass stanchions, red ropes and carpet, all ready for your guest’s VIP Treatment! 

Don’t take our word for it… See what a few of our clients have to say about Hollywood Style Photobooths!

Have a question about our services? We care! We invite you to contact us to discuss how our photo booths can be a fun addition to your event! Drop us an email, or call us at 602.488.9792. We’re here to help!

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Already have the date of your event? Awesome! Check availability of our our photo booth services now…

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A Bride’s Worst Nightmare…
The Beginning of Hollywood Style Photobooths

As a professional wedding photographer, Claudia Rubio witnessed a devastated bride whose night had been totally ruined by the photo booth company she hired six month before her wedding.

The booth arrived late and once it was finally set up (in front of the guests), it was wrinkled and color-faded, destroying the elegance of the venue’s colorful Mardi Gras theme.

Seeing the bride was devastated, Claudia’s skills, background and creativity kicked in. She located a neutral background for the backdrop, collected some of the guests colorful masks, some empty Champagne glasses, flower decorations from the venue, and even some of the fancy bridesmaid’s shoes.

She then assembled it all into an improvised photo booth and took fun photos of the guests. Although not a professional booth, her idea salvaged the bride’s night who desired fun photo booth images of her guests from her special day.

After that night, Claudia began researching photo booths and was shocked by the many negative reviews she found, she decided to create a Photo booth “Experience…”

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