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Claudia Rubio is a featured Certified Biomagnetic Pair Therapist at Sozo Healing House - a healing center whose mission is to provide the tools needed to heal the wholeness, mind, body and soul. Sozo Healing House is located at 51 W. Elliot Rd, Suite 105 in Tempe, Arizona.

Claudia is a recognized and award-winning Colombian actor who has discovered a pathway to healing others through a specialized, non-invasive Biomagnetic Pair Process that assists clients with health challenges related to Thyroid Disorders, Irregular Menstrual Cycles, Season Allergies, Depression, Hormone Imbalance, Gastritis, Digestive Problems, Herpes, Back Pain, Anxiety Disorders, Chronic Cough, Tumors, Fertility and more.

The environment we live in, is either too acidic or too alkaline. Our ideal and perfect state of being is neutral. The food we eat, the pollution and the air we breath, our sleeping habits, even the water we consume on daily basis can change our bodie’s pH level. Viruses, bacterias and other pathogens that lead us  to mild to severe illness need either an acidic or an alkaline environment to survive and grow. No Virus or Bacteria can survive on a NEUTRAL pPH environment.

BIOMAGNETIC PAIR is a non invasive treatment that re-establishes normal cellular milieu through the use of pairs of magnets of medium intensity. The goal is to equalize the organism's pH level - a critical determinant of health.

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A Bride’s Worst Nightmare…
The Beginning of Hollywood Style Photobooths

As a professional wedding photographer, Claudia Rubio witnessed a devastated bride whose night had been totally ruined by the photo booth company she hired six month before her wedding.

The booth arrived late and once it was finally set up (in front of the guests), it was wrinkled and color-faded, destroying the elegance of the venue’s colorful Mardi Gras theme.

Seeing the bride was devastated, Claudia’s skills, background and creativity kicked in. She located a neutral background for the backdrop, collected some of the guests colorful masks, some empty Champagne glasses, flower decorations from the venue, and even some of the fancy bridesmaid’s shoes.

She then assembled it all into an improvised photo booth and took fun photos of the guests. Although not a professional booth, her idea salvaged the bride’s night who desired fun photo booth images of her guests from her special day.

After that night, Claudia began researching photo booths and was shocked by the many negative reviews she found, she decided to create a Photo booth “Experience…”

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